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miles_gurtu – Robert Miles and Trilok Gurtu

Shakti 72435-95746-2-2

I hate using the term "musical journey" when describing an album, but

those two words cannot leave my mind as I listen to miles_gurtu. The

instrumental work created by electronica artist Robert Miles and
world-renowned Indian

percussionist Trilok Gurtu moves along with a purposeful beginning, middle

end. The sonic experience contains intentional peaks and valleys, giving the

listener a ride among dreamscapes, deep grooves, high-energy workouts and a

relaxing fade out.

The album's opening notes on "Golden Rust" act like a beacon searching

for a musical compatriot. Immediately it finds one. The song showcases

bassist Jon Thorne. His invaluable work balances the lush backgrounds with a

throbbing persistent groove.

Like the other 12 tracks on the album, it's a signal that brings the

electronic and the acoustic together. What the collaboration between Miles

Gurtu does is pull you into the vortex of sound they create. Using the

syncopation of rhythms as much as clever use of uncluttered space between
the notes,

they combine elements of nu-jazz, electronica, prog rock and worldbeat.

their guidance, this hybrid of genres makes complete sense.

Following the manic pace and explosion of elements clashing during "The

Big Picture," Miles and Gurtu settle down on the album's final track.

gracefully comes through the speakers like a fluffy cloud, the chill out to

off the preceding 40 minutes. As it fades away, the sound crackles and cuts

out, as if miles_gurtu emanated from a pirate radio station that got

sonic experiment out to the world and must move on before its location is


The musicians may have completed their musical mission, but it doesn't

end there. My hand jumps to push 'play' and the journey begins once again.

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