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Published: 2004/09/30
by Katie Mavrich

All This Everything – Perpetual Groove

Harmonized Records 20

Perpetual Groove has only been touring nationally since 2003, but they have been perpetually grooving, so to speak, since the members' college days in the late '90s. It hasn't always been smooth sailing — lineup changes and stints in the military have ensued, making previous live shows limited. So, they have had time to perfect their musical craft, and this is evident on Perpetual Groove's second official album, All This Everything.

The songs range from slower, quieter tunes, to the quintessential jams that Perpetual Groove is known for. The tracks run together. It's hard to tell when "All This Everything, Part 2" ends and where "53 More Things To Do In Zero Gravity" begins, for example. At times, the album will make you feel like you don't have a care in the world, that all that matters is the music that is coming out of your stereo speakers. Perpetual Groove has succeeded in creating an album that is about the music, nothing less and nothing more.

Lyrics are sparse, but some seem to pay homage music: on "Andromeda," Brock Butler tells us that "music can save you." When your melodies, beats, and riffs are as cohesive as Perpetual Groove's are, lyrics are merely an afterthought, something that adds to the tunes, not carries them.

There is only one track that doesn't seem to fit in with the rest, "Gone Round the Twist." It features a computer generated voice and is heavy with electronica. Clocking in at not even two minutes, one has to wonder why Perpetual Groove even bothered to include it when, without it, the juxtaposition of All This Everything would be positively perfect.

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