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Published: 2005/04/04
by Matt Brockett

Say What You Mean – Maktub

Velour Recordings

Take two parts rock 'n' roll, add two parts soul, stir in a dash of pop sensibilities, and mix it all together with one part Reggie Watts, a singer who turns heads with his four octave vocal range and amazing falsetto. The result is Maktub, a Seattle band who can only be accurately described as rock 'n' soul. Riding the buzz surrounding their debut album Khronos and their smoking live shows, Maktub will release their sophomore effort Say What You Mean on Velour Recordings on April 12th.

Tapping the engineering skills of veteran producer Bob Power for Say What You Mean, Maktub has created a rocking, soulful, emotional, slightly dark, and sometimes poppy blend that is likely quite different from anything you have ever heard. Power has worked with acts such as D’Angelo and Erykah Badu, and some R&B flavor certainly shows up on songs like "Hunt You Down."

Many of the tunes, like the opening "Promise Me," have some really catchy hooks, so don't be surprised if these guys start to garner themselves some major radio airplay. With a sound that hovers above a few different genres, the potential for Maktub to experience some crossover success is undeniably high. Tracks like "20 Years" and "Daily Dosage" showcase the creativity and originality that really sets this band apart from their peers. The soulful tension-filled rock build of "20 Years," and the fuzzy heaviness and ultra quick vocal delivery of "Daily Dosage," are prime examples of Maktub's unique and addictive sound.

Watts' vocal skills have been compared to such legends as Al Green, and on songs like "Blown Away" the listener may begin to wonder if Reggie is in fact a time traveler from the Motown era, here to save rock and soul music from the scourge of endless clones and rampant derivativeness.

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