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Published: 2005/06/02
by Ellie Sanders

Look at All the Love We Found: A Tribute to Sublime – various artists

Cornerstone 44

First things first, having a critical outlook of the songs on A Tribute to Sublime is out, being as Bradley Nowell was easily truth’s most well-spoken prophet. As a seer and a teacher, Nowell’s songs made his own toxic reality both easily understood and seemingly endurable through irresistible, fucking awesome music. It’s a tall order to try doing that justice and in a way, the artists that make up this compilation don’t even try.

Not that they don't competently perform, they all do, giving of themselves to resurrect each song. Every musician, from Jack Johnson and Michael Franti, to No Doubt and the Greyboy Allstars chose the songs from their personal list of favorites, allowing each to remain as organic and heartfelt as the originals. Johnson coos beautiful new life into "Badfish/Boss DJ" to begin the disc and Fishbone's "Date Rape" horn inclusion provides even more energy to this already amped classic.

There are a lot of things left unsaid on this album, as it has all the hits in lieu of simply the hard hitting — one of the main aspects of this band that set it apart. Nowell was in no way shy about his fight with the things that killed him and almost none of his songs of his struggle made their way onto this disc. Instead, this compilation's well-rounded and diverse group of contributors display how far-reaching Sublime was within most major and eclectic music communities alike, all proving that Sublime simply is. The album is in like a lamb and out with some Pennywise and it all fits.

A Tribute to Sublime will hit the shelves on June 21 with portions of the proceeds going to both Santana’s Milagro Foundation and the MusiCares MAP Fund. The first helps children around the world experience the arts and the second is the Musician’s Assistance Program, which helps musicians recover from addiction regardless of their ability to pay. Look at all the love they found indeed.

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