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Published: 2005/11/13
by Katie Mavrich

Coming To Get You – Johnny Society

Messenger Records 23

The opening track to the Johnny Society’s fifth release, Coming To Get You, “Don’t Talk Me Down,” will draw you in. “What Breaks in You Might Break You Down” will have you tapping to the beats, and the titular track will make you a lifelong fan if you haven’t become one by that point anyway, all the while conjuring up images of classic rock greats such as Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Cream, and even The Beatles.

With catchy guitar riffs, keyboard melodies that give The Doors a run for their money, and lyrics that grab a hold of you, the New York trio have all of the elements in place to make them a legendary classic rock band — except that they are a modern day indie-rock institution. And, if you only have time to hear one track, check out “Bloody Blade” — it features a guitar solo that screams the 1970s. Or perhaps “Find the Light” is the one to listen to — Joe Cocker has nothing on these guys. Hell, just make the time to listen to the whole album — Coming To Get You is a refreshing change from today’s over manufactured, over produced, corporate albums. It is raw and real, no fancy digitized music necessary.

The album is so well done, in fact, that it’s extremely difficult to avoid saying that the Johnny Society indeed got me — I am not a fan of puns, but in this case I just can’t help it. With four other albums under their belts, though, the kinks have obviously been ironed out. In all honesty, it’s one of the best records that have come out this year, independent or otherwise.

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