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Published: 2006/01/12
by Brad Farberman

Nice Talking To Me – Spin Doctors

Ruffnation Music 001

It’s been 18 years since the Spin Doctors got together, 15 years since “Two Princes” hit the airwaves, 13 years since they made the cover of Rolling Stone, and six years since their last album (1999’s Here Comes The Bride), the making of which coincided with a (final) band breakup.

But, just two years following the release of Bride, an announcement that NYC’s famed Wetlands would close prompted the foursome to reunite for a show there and, citing reconcilable differences, the band began to tour again.

Which about brings us up to speed. Late last year, the Docs released their first record since coming back together in 2001 and Nice Talking To Me, produced by Matt Wallace (Sheryl Crow, Maroon 5), was nice listening to.

The boys can play. Original guitarist Eric Schenkman (who left the fold in ’94) is full of catchy riffs, and bassist Mark White is as solid as it gets. The band even dips into some near-funk on “Sugar.”

But singer Chris Barron’s sometimes atrocious lyrics can detract from the whole. When he declares, for instance, that he takes “the salt from my wounds and put it in my margarita,” it’s almost laughable.

But not quite, due to mostly excellent songwriting. “Margarita,” for instance, is a fun, Blues Traveler stomp and the punchy title track is vintage Black Crowes. The Doctors are back, and a dose or two of their earnest, albeit goofy rock might do you some good.

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