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Published: 2006/05/14
by Jeremy Sanchez

Incredible Consequences – Bump


Bump’s debut full-length release, Incredible Consequence, is plugged with pop. In this case, “pop” isn’t referencing a powerful album that will blow your mind, man, but Pop, as in FM radio music. Not something anyone would assume when hearing this album, Bump reportedly has an improvisational factor to their live shows. Songs like “Don’t Be the Sunrise” and the instrumental “Part E” make room for some jamming, but the overall sound of this album just doesn’t sport much punch.

There are a few strong points, sounding a little like Supergrass, sometimes, on “Concrete Lullaby” and the soul leaking from “Last Chance” and “Antidote.” “A Million Reasons Why” and “Either or Neither” are rock n’ roll (even if they spin away sometimes) and are a welcome change in sound.

The entire band sings, pianist/guitarist Yorg and guitarist Chris Sterr laying the lead vocals with singsong melodies, while drummer Clint Carpenter and bassist Eric Novak harmonize behind them. The vocals are what kill the project, though. They’re not inherently bad, rather sounding like something every 16-year-old male needs in his CD player to wrap up a hot date with a young lady. But, mack-factor does not a great album make.

The final track, entitled “Part E,” is instrumental, allowing the band to just play without having to force imagery into the mix that they don’t need, especially when the vocals just aren’t the kind that grab you. Some bands should simply play their instruments, and if Bump continues in this vein, there’s room for growth.

Incredible Consequence is too overly polished to be anything along the lines of consequential, sounding more crafted than spontaneous. But, maybe the emo/pop crowd will be all about it.

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