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Published: 2006/10/24
by Matt Brockett

Instrumental Dissent – The Motet


There are plenty of examples all over Instrumental Dissent, but in
particular the bridge between "Blowback" and "What Have We Done?" is pure
and simple proof that The Motet doesn't segue, they fucking morph. "Afro
Disco Beat" lives up to its name, but "Afro Disco Biscuit" might have been a
more accurate title, with the Afrobeat grooves and spaced-out techno jams.
Just when the techno jam peaks they drop right into the aptly named "Johnny
Just Drop" for some more of their Afro-Cuban jazz techno-tinged mash.

Most readers here would probably agree that genre blending is really the
heart and soul of the jamband scene, and I'm here to tell you that few bands
out there today are pulling it off as seamlessly as The Motet.
When they get moving on a tune like "Afrotech" you feel like you're
listening to a DJ mix as they start with a horn-filled Afro-Cuban booty
shaker, morph their way into a straight up house music dance party and then
find their way back again.

Although The Motet are an instrumental band the album does feature several
vocal samples from influential activists and social commentators like Noam
Chomsky, Harry Belafonte and Wole Soyinka on various tracks. On the title
track some of the vocal samples are loud and clear while others are too soft
and rather hard to decipher, but overall it works and gives an instrumental
band the means to make direct statements about the importance of positive
social and political change without ever having to sing a word.

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