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Published: 2007/02/19
by Jeremy Sanchez

Fits and Starts EP – Rolla


So, there’s this indie sounding band called Rolla that formed after a “spontaneous meeting,” according to their bio, debuted live by opening for Dickey Betts of the Allman Brothers Band and landed a trip on JamCruise 5. I’m very rarely into anything that falls into the indie category, even when I totally respect it, but Fits & Starts had my attention from the first track (“Let it Happen”), which stands as my top song on this EP, Rolla’s second release. The rest sits nicely, too.

Rolla is a foursome of guitarist/vocalist Fuzz (formerly harder-sounding Deep Banana Blackout guitarist), guitarist/vocalist/Moog-synth Carrie Ernst (Fuzz and Carrie are married), David Shuman on a buttery fretless bass and tambours and Marc Balling on the drum kit. The music is mostly poppy and at times ethereal and rocking, but always underlied by the couple’s soft vocal harmonies.

Having been written by the married pair, all of the songs mostly concentrate on relationship issues, topically much like their first release. “I’m Happy,” the final track, seems to sum it all up. You know you’re with someone special when you can say “I’m pleased only to be here beside you, Yeah I’m pleased only to be here, Around you I’m happy.” Boding well for possible future releases, that kind of satisfaction is always great fodder for some poetry and song.

Like Deep Banana Blackout? Well, that really has nothing to do with this, but it’s a good chance you’ll like Rolla. Fuzz seems to have a knack of forming really good musical teams. Have a listen.

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