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Published: 2007/10/22
by Joe Doherty

Gears – Future Rock


Future Rock. The name itself implies innovation. It implies musical evolution, a glimpse into, well, the future of rock.
Based on the sounds found on Gears, the trios second studio album, it is not the first to probe this futuristic music. Bands such as Lotus, the Pnuma Trio and just about every act on Camp Biscos yearly roster, stand out in a subgenre brimming with experimental livetronica explorers. Its this blossoming niche of electronic music — which binds spaced-out grooves to trance-funk — that molds the Future Rock sound.
Oddly enough, Gears kicks off with a decidedly retro funk-out: Torture. Spiked with cowbell and various computer samples, it pulsates with a clavinet line straight out of Boogie Nights. On the title song, Mickey Kellermans synthesizer work jumps up a decade in the former half. He shapes a somewhat cheesy Eighties melody at the songs core.
The remaining nine songs justify the groups name a bit more. They are thickly layered at any given time, multiple synths drone over outer space bleeps and blurps. But, at the same time, they always maintain a groove. In fact, interesting, technology-generated textures abound here. Perhaps thats why livetronica is becoming so popular. Its figurehead performers take full advantage of the doors modern equipment can open.
Future Rock may not be genre pioneers, but at least they had the spunk to give it a name.

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