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Blind Man’s Hill – The Bridge

Hyena Records

Was it you? Have you been hiding The Bridge from me? Was it you who kept the soulful melodies, porch shuffles, and moon-shiny lyrics all to yourself? Was it you who kept a nimble-fingered boot stomp like “Dirtball Blues” to yourself? Was it you who was so selfish as to keep a beautiful paean like “Born Ramblin’” stashed away? Somehow you thought it was a good idea to hide these lyrics from me: “Late one night she got out of bed. Went into Greg’s room and gave him head. That was the end of that one.” What’s wrong with you?

The Bridge has always been a band to be shared, and their new album, Blind Man’s Hill, is a thing to be shared with everyone. The album is a testament to two truths: simple is good, and practice does make perfect. The Bridge are an authentic band making authentic American music. Groups like JJ Grey & Mofro have had much success in revitalizing southern music, and at times The Bridge strays a little too far down south, but songs like “In Dreams” more than make up for avoidable forays into southern whiteboy blues. Tracks like “Heavy Water,” and the album’s closer, “Lasting Hymn” remind you of why you started listening to music in the first place. But then again, why would I want to remind you of anything? It was you who was keeping this music from me all along. Truth is, no one is to blame, but I am sure glad I got to review this album, because it has reminded me why I like being a music critic.

Great music.

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