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Published: 2009/01/27
by Matt Brockett

RTZ – Six Organs of Admittance

Drag City

"Dreamlike" is an adjective that gets thrown around by lazy music writers, but in the case of Six Organs of Admittance, there is no description more perfect. The way that guitarist Ben Chasny’s musical ideas seamlessly morph from one to the next feels akin to the blending of locations, people and events that often characterize our most interesting and disturbing dreams. At times there is complete sonic chaos, confusing or even angering to the listener, but in an instant one is enveloped in soothing chants and eerie melodies. RTZ, the latest release from Chasny is a double-disc collection of rarities, demos and unreleased material.

There’s no doubt that Chasny is a gifted six-string player, a fact occasionally overshadowed by his apparent devotion to creating intense moods and ambience with sound. Overall, there are peaks of electrified cacophony, usually followed by chunks of entrancing and gorgeous mellow acoustic stuff, with occasional stretches of sparse feedback and white noise in between parts that could easily pass for the score to a creepy horror film. Some of the tracks would certainly make great music for meditating, or even for weeping into one’s own hands while contemplating the futility of human existence. Music like this is certain to trigger an emotional response. For some that will be a blissful feeling of comforting warmth, and for others, like those used to predictable songs structures and sing-a-long choruses, blind rage or simply detached disinterest. Make no mistake though, for the patient and open-minded listener there are many brilliant moments of psychedelic and experimental folk to be found.

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