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Published: 2009/02/03
by Pat Buzby

Drone Trailer – MV + EE with the Golden Road

Good albums create their own worlds. A few decades ago, a series of albums appeared that created their own distant, druggy worlds. Some of them sold, but most fell into obscurity and command high prices today. Drone Trailer is a simulated rarity a new CD where the makers evidently are thinking in terms of high prices in future decades rather than big sales today.
The opening piece here is the most fun: Anyway, a distorted stomper featuring Erika Elders vocals. On the second cut, however, Matt Valentines vocal and acoustic guitar take center stage and set the drifty tone for the rest of the disc. Like Neil Young, his lyrics mix the naive (You know its kind of a drag/Seein your smile gone, he moans on one track) and the mysterious, and his electric solos are long and noisy. However, the rambles on hand here make Neils work sound commercial in comparison.
This is okay if the rambling is on the right wavelength, and at times (especially on the 10-minute Weatherhead Hollow) this disc is skewed enough to make an impression. However, much of the second half floats into the ether without much happening. In this, Drone Trailer is similar to a few of those rarities, simulated and otherwise.

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