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Published: 2010/08/02
by Randy Ray

Hiding From Andy
Street Lamp Constellations EP

_ self-released_

A four-piece quartet hailing from Pennsylvania, Hiding From Andy plays a unique brand of ambient folk rock, which is beguiling in its haunting simplicity. On their four-song EP, Street Lamp Constellations , guitar motifs float into view, peeling back layers of an ethereal rumination (“Stay Close” and “Invitation”), while subtle and supportive bass and drums resonate and organ notes drift ‘neath the horizon (“Less is Sometimes More”), comforting and lifting the melodies, with a piano for added color and texture (“Midlight Calling”), never intruding, nor pulling the mind’s eye from the exquisite imagery conjured by the weightless tapestry. Hiding From Andy is a fine band with the potential to explore much sonic geography within these audio blueprint templates from post-alt country to rock at its minimalist essence to folk, of course. But the quartet also offers an inspirational nod back to a time when vibe was king, and the song served to take one on a momentary journey through another dreamscape.

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