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Published: 2010/08/16
by Ron Hart

That's How We Burn

Sub Pop

Sub Pop continues to sign some of the better revivalists of mid-90s indie rock currently giving the Pitchfork kids an education of the days when the underground was lean, mean and, much like the third Street Fighter, completely without guile. Following the release of Male Bonding’s fantastic Ride-riding debut Nothing Hurts comes the label debut and third LP overall from Jaill, a ramshackle group of kids from the heart of beer country, otherwise known as Milwaukee, Wisconsin. But while the 12 songs featured on That’s How We Burn definitely owe a portion of their inspirational proceeds to the lo-fidelity pop puzz of the Teenbeat Records catalog, what’s most curious about Jaill is their appreciation for the sounds of such 60s icons as The Hollies and The Dave Clark Five as well, an influence that can be clearly heard on such tracks as “Summer Mess” and “She’s My Baby”. Like the soundtrack to a modern day, mumblecore version of American Graffiti, Burn is a summer rock album in the most classic sense of the term.

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