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Published: 2013/01/24
by Fady Khalil

Rusted Root
The Movement


With its eclectic mix of rock, acoustic and world music, Rusted Root’s irresistible songs quickly propelled them to prominence with 1994’s breakout, When I Woke. Half a dozen albums
later—and nearly as many lineup changes—Rusted Root returns to celebrate their 20th year with their seventh release, The Movement. And as the songsmiths of a veritable soundtrack to the ‘90s, the Pittsburgh natives have become good at embracing their musical past, even while moving ahead. Throughout The Movement, classic sounding grooves (“Monkey Pants”) sit comfortably alongside modern, pop-leaning cuts (“Sun & Magic”) giving the album an overall sense of rooted, but forward trajectory. “Cover Me Up” weaves the metallic glint of rock guitar with breathing Afro-Caribbean rhythms in the albums most remarkable blend of past and present. And though Rusted Root’s heyday may have come and gone, it’s albums like The Movement that will keep this band forever relevant.

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