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Published: 2005/07/07
by Dan Greenhaus

The Machine Two Nights at the Keswick

A cover band releasing a DVD might seem like an unusual idea to some, but for The Machine, whose live show features a top notch light show and more effects than you can shake a stick at, it’s quite surprising it took them this long.
Culled from two nights of performances at the Keswick Theater, and mixed and mastered by The Machine’s own Ryan Ball, the DVD/CD combination offers fans exactly what they’ve come to expect from the most respected Pink Floyd cover band in the country: stellar sound, note perfect recreations (for the most part) and more than enough lighting eye candy. The DVD, six songs long, is the pick of the litter from the shows in terms of songs. "Another Brick In The Wall," "Shine On," "Welcome To The Machine," "Fearless," "Hey You," and "One of These Days" comprise the disc and give fans who haven’t seen the band a great glimpse into what they can expect when they finally do. In addition, fans of the band and of Pink Floyd who have not seen The Machine live can expect to be satisfied with the DVD as it provides the best of both worlds; adherence to the songs with just a touch of "The Machine" added in. The sound is fantastic throughout the disc, even if the playing by the band falters in very minute ways at points. Guitar players will be especially thrilled with the various close-ups of guitarist Joe Pascarell during the solo sections specifically "Shine On."
As a bonus of sorts, the DVD comes with a separate disc, a CD of songs from the same shows that features a considerably more diverse array of songs. "Sorrow," from Pink Floyd’s vastly under-appreciated Momentary Lapse of Reason album is present, as is one of the highlights from The Final Cut album, ‘Fletcher Memorial Home.’ But the highlights for fans are surely going to be both ‘Pigs’ and ‘Sheep,’ from Floyd’s much beloved (and rightfully so) Animals album. Animals has always provided The Machine with some of its best live material (you haven’t really seen this band until you’ve seen them perform ‘Dogs’) and the two Animals tracks on this CD are no exception. And lastly, the obligatory "Comfortably Numb" is present, a mainstay of The Machine’s live show.
Unfortunately, the DVD comes with no extras, no interviews, and no backstage shots something that surely would have enhanced its appeal. Yes, it does come with a CD and that is obviously a nice bonus. But as it stands, containing purely concert footage, the DVD delivers with gusto. The band’s playing is, at times, ferocious (see "One of these Days") and fans will be plenty happy to have video to prove to their disbelieving friends who have yet to see The Machine that there actually is a band that can play Pink Floyd music this well.

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