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Published: 2001/12/16
by Allan Weinstein

The Disco Biscuits 9:30 Club, Washington DC- 12/7

Set I: Run Like Hell> Helicopters> Run Like Hell> Helicopters, Dance Of The
Sugarplum Fairies, Little Shimmy In A Conga Line> And The Ladies Were The
Rest Of The Night
Set II: Sound 1> Little Shimmy In A Conga Line, Shelby Rose, Spy, Jigsaw
Earth> 7-11*> Jigsaw Earth, Jamillia
Encore: Astronaut> Run Like Hell

I left my office in NYC at about 4:15 pm and was on the road, headed to DC by
5'oclock. I pulled into the 9:30 club at exactly 9:30. I got my will call
ticket and was in the venue with a drink in hand by 9:45. Band came on
around 10pm and I was ready to go. I had made the trip by myself and now it
was time to be Biscofied. I had not seen the band since 9/8/01 and I was

The band came out and they were all smiles. Without saying a word they
dropped into a minor jam that went straight into Run Like Hell. The entire RLH>Helicopter sandwich was tight and well executed, a wonderful half-hour. Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies was fairly short, but well played.
Next up was Shimmy and while it's one of my favorite tunes
to sing along to, some versions of this song are better
than others. This Shimmy jam didn't really go anywhere but the
segue into Ladies was really good and the tune itself was awesome. The song,
which closed the set, really showcased Jon "Barber" Gutwillig who shined,
as did this version of Ladies.

Set 2 opened with a Sound 1, which I happen to love. The vocals are kind of
cheesy, but the jam rages. I remember beads of sweat
just pouring out of me somewhere during the song, and when they started the
comeback into Shimmy, I was floored Sometimes I feel like the band introduces certain songs just so they can find a way to come back into
them somewhere later in the show. Shimmy was used for
that purpose tonight and quite well. Shelby came next with Barber really tearing the ending into pieces.
As much as I like segues, and they often make for the best music, I also like standalone
songs as well. I was glad to hear this Shelby on its own. The highlight of the set though, was
Jigsaw. The lyrics are great, and the composed sections are complex and meaty. The opening jam was
pretty standard, but as soon as they hit the 7-11, things got nutty. The
ease of which they slipped into 7-11 was almost scary. I also love 7-11 which is a party song plain and
simple. Anyway, the highlight jam of the night was the 7-11 jam back into the Jigsaw. The entire
band was doing some awesome stuff and it was really the only time all night the
music really went out there. It was trancy, spacey, and fun. The Jigsaw
ended strong, and my head was spinning from that tasty sandwich. They could
have ended the set here, so a Jamilia was just the icing to a great show.

By this time, a full week of work, a 4-hr drive, and a great show had left me
exhausted. I was physically, mentally, and emotionally drained. I could have
cared less what the encored with, but Astronaut was perfect. The jam was just
huge and they found their way back into Run Like Hell pretty flawlessly. In
fact, I was surprised to hear the RLH. All I could do was smile.

In Summary, the Disco Biscuits are on fire right now. They are all in synch
and playing with unbelievable passion. They are playing a 5-night New Years
run that will take them from Worcester, to Towson, MD, to Roseland and
finally a 2 night New Years run at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia

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