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Published: 2008/11/22
by Lauren Sutter

Bassnectar / Mike Relm / Beats Antique, Paradise Rock Club, Boston, MA- 11/5

Bassnectar is known for his passion in getting a message across with his music. The night after Obama was elected as the 44th President, Bassnectar, whose real name is Lorin Ashton, played to a sold out show at Paradise, with enough bass womps to go to the moon and back. He could barely contain his happiness since his man was voted in, playing an inspiring set to a never-tiring audience soaking in his every drop.

Beats Antique, a three person traveling show, provided the opening force for the night. Their mixture of down-tempo, electro-acoustic, break beat with eastern styled instruments is reminiscent of Telepath, but Beats offer belly dancing to their music by member Zoe, something that most livetronica bands don’t offer. They are supporting Bassnectar in his tour this Fall, and having only been around for two years, their talent, stage antics (the two guys djing wore masks for the first song) and live dance interpretation will ensure their ability to become a staple artist in the few years to come.

Up second was Mike Relm, a DJ who mixes pop music to video messages. He was also politically oriented in his show, with a background slide-show of him talking to the audience from cards with random information about life and politics (one of them said a lion mates up to 50 times a day). The end of the slide-show showed him next to a TV-screen after Obama won, releasing a wild cheer from the crowd. All musicians were obvious with their jubilation over a changing country.

But Bassnectar really knows how to put on a show. He consistently thanks the audience after every song for their dedication in coming out to support him, and specific to this night, since the venue was so hot that it started to rain inside from the heat he produced, he gave out free water to the crowd. He is one of the most fun shows to go to because he sloshes his body, and his Cousin It like hair, along to the music. I have yet to see a DJ get into their sounds as much as he does, and his passion resonates with the crowd, as people always come back for more. He asked in the middle of the set how many people were following him to the New York City show and a few more along the east coast, and more than half the crowd flailed their hands, screaming out their support and excitement, leading Lorin’s face to gleam in the stage lights.

I think the best part about a Bassnectar show though, is his deep understanding and desire to make the world a better place through the influence of music. He emphasizes visuals at his shows, depicting other cultures, political issues and images that show unfair treatment to animals or natures beauty. But he really considers himself an overall project, not just a DJ, to bring light and education to the masses through raging bass lines, energetic shows and a passion to make people move.

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