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Published: 2010/08/09
by Adam Crawford

Michael Franti & Spearhead, Three Springs Durango, CO – 8/1

Photo by Mike Schreiber

Michael Franti and Spearhead made their return to Southwest Colorado on Sunday with a visit to Durango, Colorado. Durango is a community starving for a major live music act to come to town and Spearhead filled that void. There was an excitement in town in the days leading up to the show and Michael Franti did not disappoint. A wonderful, sunny afternoon was a perfect setting as Franti led Spearhead through old classics “Everyone Deserves Music” and “Never Too Late” as well as newer tunes “Hey Hey Hey” and “Yell Fire”. There’s something about an outdoor Michael Franti and Spearhead show with the sun shining that just seems perfect. Many of Franti’s lyrics make reference to afternoons just like the one in Durango on Sunday including a new tune called “Sound of Sunshine”. Songs like “Sound of Sunshine” mixed with a beautiful sunny afternoon will make any problem or worry fade far away, for a little while anyway.

Not only were Michael Franti and Spearhead’s lyrics and positive vibe ideal for this Durango setting, but Franti also did a great job getting all the attendees into letting go and having a great time. Franti has really developed a strong reputation for playing to the crowd and Sunday was no different. Franti brought up members from the crowd to play “guitar” during a tease of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and he began “Hey Hey Hey” from the middle of the crowd. There was a strong family vibe in the crowd and Franti made notice of this during his final song, “Say Hey (I Love You)”, when he invited all the children in the crowd to come up on stage and dance.

Michael Franti and Spearhead won’t give listeners soaring, mind blowing jams but they will provide a positive performance and a feeling of hope and love. It’s not uncommon for audience members to feel the urge to smile and give a hug to a complete stranger. People in attendance of a Spearhead show know that Michael Franti feels fortunate to be able to do what he does for a living and know his stage antics are real. Franti’s love for music is contagious during a show and will make any naysayer forget their negativity for a little while. Spearhead definitely provided Durango exactly what it needed during this beautiful Sunday evening show.

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