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Published: 2012/11/26
by Steve Brienza

Everyone Orchestra, Sullivan Hall, NYC – 10/27

Leading the charge after set break was Jamie, who found himself thrown into a [spacious and groovy] zone following Matt’s direction from the conductors table. Enticing a little bit of the Grateful Dawg vibes from his mandolin, Jamie summoned his inner most David Grisman for the mandolin heavy jam and delivered strongly as the leader. Throughout the tune, the technicality of Jon’s drumming was on display as he fluidly transitioned from a soft opening shuffle to some funky off beat stuff. Ultimately everyone on stage synced up and ensued on a prog-rock, effects-laden climax which gradually leveled off and closed out as Jamie softly took it home. No one can ever be sure what madness Matt has concocted in his head as scrambles to his table and starts jotting down musical instructions. However, after a few measures of down right funky blasts screaming from Jessica’s sax it was obvious that the dry erase board put her in the leader spot. The crowd immediately felt the music and it hit them hard, leaving feet, bodies and souls to bump and groove with one another. With Reed quickly grabbing onto the funk line it was Zach who followed in his footsteps with swirling waves of sound emanating from his keys. [D swing] provided the jam with a fun little bridge like section which found Jamie primarily responsible for bringing the groove into a more laid back space. That space however was quickly disrupted in an almost schizophrenic way as Jessica took things 180 degrees in the other direction. With Fishman clearly enjoying the building tempo the rest of the crew grabbed onto the riff and took the song to a hot space before slamming it to a close.

[Footsteps] popped up on Matt’s dry erase board next and it was John K that stepped into the batters box. Knocking “Walking in Your Footsteps” by the Police out of the park seemed to be a welcomed challenge and one that Reed took to heart as he got so deep into it he broke a string… a rare feat among bass players. With out Reed there was an obvious void in the song but that left plenty of space for a fun call and response game between John K and Jessica. With no bass on board Lebo was assigned the task of playing leader and decided to dip into his bands catalogue and settled on “Try”. Lebo managed to keep the orchestra on track and in key by simply providing a round of verbal cues and then moving into familiar territory with “Shining Star” by The Manhattans, but associated more often than not with the Jerry Garcia Band album of the same name. Zach’s next bit of instruction told him to essentially abandon the fact that he is a musician and start on his comedy career. [Funny lyrics] initially left Zach pleading with his boss to get into some more serious subject matter but his pleas fell on deaf ears. Allowing the crowd and his band mates some insight into his psyche Zach told a tale about his fear of flying. After joking about his preflight check list of all things that could go wrong, Zach decided to settle upon an old school yard joke. Encouraging anyone that would go along with him to do so, he suggested that we spell Attic over and over while looking down our shirts as the band played some Zappa like randomness. As you probably will do now while reading this, many fans found them selves giggling like children with their heads in the shirts. Huddled around one mic, Lebo and Reed started with the “You’ve got to try, just a little bit harder” line- perhaps a little jabbing at their buddy.

After a brief moment to introduce the evening’s line up, Reed was called upon to get the tune going in a [spacious] manner. He easily set into a sultry groove that found him sliding along the length of his fret board coaxing out some of the sexiest notes imaginable. Meanwhile, Lebo was found with a lap steel guitar strewn across his knees adding another layer of sexiness to the developing jam. As the jam continually built up energy and approached its climax the leadership duties were passed along to Zach once again. He instantaneously tore into a cover of Warren Zevon’s “Werewolves of London” which was well received by a crowd that was eagerly anticipating Halloween, even if Hurricane Sandy threatened to cancel the festivities. Staying close to the safe side, the band started the song off right on point and didn’t really inject any personality into it until Matt got bored and called for increasing measures of chaos. First he held up a sign that read [8 beats chaos] then 16 beats and finally 32 beats before giving the reigns to John K one last time. Playing to the chaos induced by Matt, John K thought it appropriate to give a few licks of Ozzy Osborne’s “Crazy Train” and before long everyone on stage was in on the tease. Meanwhile, many in the crowd also though a quick “Terrapin Station” riff was thrown in for good measure as well but that was a topic of much debate as the final jam cooked up some [Disco]. The primary instigators during the disco portion of the night were Fishman, who led with an incessant hi-hat beat, and Zach with his fingers furiously dancing across the ivory. Stepping out from behind his conductors table and taking to the mic to sing “goodnight to you”, Matt officially thanked and sent the crowd home with well wishes while hoping to see everyone again sometime. Unfortunately for many, that sometime would have to be on The Everyone Orchestra’s next trip back to the New York City area as Sandy came through and reshaped the tri-state area as if she was summoned by a “Hurricane song” somewhere along…

1) Funk Jam (Funk A, short hello solo’s,D Triumph!, Yes!), Hurricane Jam (follow zach, simple, part A, outer bands, back to part A, closer to eye of storm, vocal), John K jam (part A, part B Lebo, part b soft, unison guitars, unison ascending sax) > Lebo Jam(follow Dan, hey!, vote)

2) Jamie Masefield Jam (spacious and groovy, part B reed, tom tom groove, part b add vocals, just vocals, mando end), Jessica jam (follow Jessica, d swing, back to Jessica riff, more drums), Walking in your Footsteps (foot steps, chorus), Try>shining star>try (funny lyrics, laugh!, lebo end), Band Introduction (laugh! Haha!) Reed Jam (spacious, ascend) > werewolves of London (follow zach, 8beats chaos, 16 beats, 32 beats) > crazy train, goodnight to you (disco, part b Jessica, speed up)

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