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Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons, Virginia City, MT- 8/30-9/1

What a crazy night again!!! This night we stopped off to visit with some friends that were at the local campground for a little after show gathering that brought us together with some more familiar faces. After a couple hour post party it was back home to rest up for the annual softball tournament held annually by JR on the day of the final night. To say the least, it is always a comical spectacle to see so many of us ready by 1, or even up yet, to actually play a legitimate game of softball. In between the many missed grounders, pop ups, and easy outs, there were just as many magical moments. After a sweaty 7 to 9 innings it was back home to rest up for the final night. This night was going to be at a much smaller and more “intimate” venue…….

The band chose to open the show with an acoustic first set and brought with them, their old Friend Frank Ruffolo to sit in on Accordion. He is amazing. The acoustic set opened with “Nigh I got Drunk, followed by the always lovely, “Under the Lilacs.” Breakfast at Lucilles” ensued next with a great rap by Jerry of Taj’s Johnny Too Bad. A personal favorite and I know I am not alone. Miles from Here graced our presence next, with another playing of the more elusive Panama. “Ten Killer Fairies” closed the set, and allowed us to go get some fresh air.

The second and electric set would prove to be the most solid of all five nights and finish off this journey with most memorable versions of. Pretty cool and never seen before the long awaited (for that weekend, “Radio Cab” opened things up. This has definitely become a fan favorite over the years, Beautiful Dirt showed up for its second time this run and the as if I thought I was getting ready for another Electra Glide in Blue, Jerry sang a near complete version of The Clash’s “Police & Thieves” and the into the verses of another spectacular reggae driven “Electra Glide in Blue”, The building up of “Power Out” and its rock solid groove kept things touching that fast rocking momentum we love. The decided to slow it down next with an angelic bust out of “Beautiful Child of God”, and finally one of the most hoped for and appropriate moments occurred with the opening notes of “Wild, Wild West.” What else could I ask for other than a sweet segue into “Heart Gone Blind”. This is always a smoker and tonight proved no different. “Road to Damascus” rocked the show to a close, with an infamous version of we’re fine to close it out. This version brought back memories from the one JJ did with Stockholm back in 2004. That’s another story. Regardless, I was blown away, satisfied and overall amazed at what we had just seen. It would take one hell of an encore to appropriately close this night out. The band did not disappointed with a raging version of “Sweedwater,” which had Jerry’s vocals and overall soul shouting out many different raps. The man is a literary genius and it truly shows in these moments. There aren’t too many singers with this much soul! An out of this world playing of “Hallelujah Trail” topped it all off, and left us wanting more……………..Damn!

9/1/2013 Virginia City, MT (Pioneer Bar)
Set I: Entire set w/ Jerry on acoustic guitar and Frank Ruffalo on accordion
The Night I Got Drunk, Under the Lilacs, Breakfast at Lucille’s>Johnny Too Bad rap>Breakfast at Lucille’s, Miles From Here, Panama, Ten Killer Fairies

Set II: Electric
Radio Cab, Pure Life, Beautiful Dirt (w/ 25 Lighters, Lie Down Here (And Be My Girl) raps), Police and Thieves’>Electra Glide in Blue, Power Out, Beautiful Child of God, Wild Wild West, Hearts Gone Blind (w/ Jet Song, Heart of the Matter, Flying Cowboys raps), Road to Damascus>Yeah, We’re Fine(w/Paradise City raps).

Speedwater (w/We Will Not Be Lovers, I Shall Be Released, Dweller on the Threshold, Let it Be raps)
Hallelujah Trail>Busload of Faith>Hallelujah Trail!!

As we filed out into the night and said our good byes to great friends, I couldn’t help but think how blessed I truly am to have this band, this family, and these kind of adventures. It was a long ride home but well worth it. If you ever get a chance to see this band or go to this beautiful part of the country, it is a true must.

All Photos courtesy of BillyMac Photography
All shows are currently available for free on
As always I dedicate this to my Mother, Kathleen McAlaine. You are my inspiration!! RIP.

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