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moe. Ogden Theatre, Denvero, CO- 2/6

After an intimate evening at The Fox Theater in Boulder, moe detonated in Denver. The first of a two-night stand at the Ogden Theater featured a fervor and force that was easily the highpoint of the entire three-night run. Musically on point and characteristically tight, moe. took fans on a wild ride through their massive catalog. Continuing the celebratory air appropriate for a band observing twenty-five years together, the boys donned their sparkly-est of attire. Moe started the night with a searing “George” that stretched nearly fifteen minutes. This set the tone for the rest of show. They continued the ebb and flow with a cosmic transition into “Downward Facing Dog.” After a brief intermission with the instrumental “Hector’s Pillow,” moe treated fans to “Tubing The River Styx.” Then they continued into a stunningly dark rendition of “The Pit.” The historic room was packed tightly on all sides. Murmurs about Jerry Garcia’s guitar actually being in the Ogden floated throughout the show. (Those rumors would be confirmed the following night when Al appeared with Travis Bean #11). moe. threw it all the way back to their first album, Fatboy with a crisp “Dr. Graffenberg.” The segue into “Not Coming Down” was ridiculous, but the return to “George” to close was nothing short of mind blowing.

moe. appears to be in the middle of a Renaissance of sorts. After performing together for a quarter century they still pushing the boundaries with innovative setlists and astonishing runs like during their recent Tropical Throe.down. They kept the energy flowing from the first set with a rowdy “Crab Eyes.” “Stranger Than Fiction” became a giant sing along for the audience. “Bearsong” featured some impeccable percussion work from both Loughlin and Amico. While moe. left “Billy Goat” unfinished with an abrupt transition into “Don’t Fuck With Flo,” “Mar DeMa” worked as an extended segue into one of the most ridiculous versions of “Meat” I’ve seen them perform. The song took fans on a journey that featured everything from jazz to metal. It clocked in at just under a half hour.

After Al.nouncements, for the second consecutive night Rob Derhak offered a dedication to fallen taper and friend Eric Vandercar. Moe. then performed a short but very sweet “Letter Home” in his honor. They followed up with the rock heavy “Blue Jeans Pizza.” As they finished, Rob called an audible and proceeded to lead moe into a gargantuan “Recreational Chemistry.” Not originally on the paper setlist, this version contained one of the evening’s strongest jams.

It was well past 1 AM when fans streamed out onto Colfax Avenue, following a night of impressive improvisation strong jams and pinpoint timing.

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