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Terrapin Station Tidbits

Published: 2002/07/18

Welcome to Terrapin Station Tidbits

In the grand tradition we established with Bonnaroo Beat, we are going to devote this space of the site to another special event, the upcoming Grateful Dead Family Reunion (aka Terrapin Station).

Let’s start of course with a brief reminder from the band… "We are all under a microscope. . Showing up without a ticket isn’t a hah-hah little adventure, it’s a selfish act likely to sabotage the dreams of all Dead Heads. If you want more shows, come only with a ticket in hand. Our reputation – and our future – is on the line."

Indeed as Mickey mentioned on the Jam Nation radio show a few weeks back, other venues and cities will take note as there is a chance that the Other Ones will hit the road in the fall. After all, "We grew up together, we’ve had our differences but the love is there so we said,‘Let’s play…’"

Stay tuned to this section where we will offer up various thoughts, images, accounts and well…tidbits, leading up to the two shows at Alpine Valley on August 3 and 4 and onward…

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