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Published: 2006/12/01

Elsewhere: Rock for KidsIs That a Guitar in Your PantsThe SlipSonny RollinsAl Kooper Picks the MulePatterson HoodDel McCouryHoopersUK To Shut Down AM and FM?

Here are links to a few articles of note:

World of rock n’ roll turns towards the kids

"Man tried to hide guitar in pants

"Sonny Rollins works on his sax, karma"

"The Slip: Fusion band, jazz band, jam band, or rock band?"

"MORNING’ HAS ARRIVED; Jacket and Slip will make for one hot show"

"Kooper casts net for 2006 faves"

"Craft lifts Truckers’ Hood above rest"

"Del McCoury band still pickin’ away"

"Hanging With The Hoopers"

"UK regulator considers shutting off AM and FM radio and using spectrum for mobile"

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