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Published: 2007/03/30

Elsewhere: Guitar CampWidespreadEvil FarmerPopper Projectsnoe.down Geddy Lee Digs Fantasy BaseballRatDogRREBonnarooJerry DouglasGore Searches for Venue…Musicians’ Backseats

Here are links to a few articles of note:

"Fur Peace Ranch offers music lovers much more than Kumbaya’"

"Panic! at the Arena"

"The Legend of Evil Farmer Lives"

"John Popper Project: blues harp and turntables"

"moe. Wants To Come Back"

"Officials call for Snoe.down to melt"

ESPN Celebrity Lounge: Geddy Lee

"Pilgrimages keeping Dead alive for fans"

"Bluegrass band to mix genres"

"Bonnaroo backers in $8.7 mln deal for Tenn. Venue"

Jerry Douglas: "We want to have as much fun as the audience"

"How Radio Listeners Will Fare in a Merger of Sirius and XM"

"Gore in hunt for Live Earth venue"

"What’s in Your Favorite Singer’s Backseat?"

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