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Published: 2007/08/03

Elsewhere: Simpsons In Vermont…Deadheads Unite…ABB...O.A.R….Meeting of Jazz and Metal…More Jerry and the Dead…Lou Adler and Monterey Pop…Stax Records…Elton John On Closing the Internet…Lollapalooza…Police Chiefs Talk Phish

Here are links to a few articles of note:

"Simpsons, Meet Vermont"

"Coming Out of the Closet: Deadheads of Seattle Unite!"

"Ramblin’ band"

"After a detour, band has its O.A.R. back in the water"

"Jazz and metal meet at the extremes"

"Extending the Long, Strange Trip"

"Lou Adler helped define legendary Summer Of Love"

Stax Records: "Cutting a Tumultuous Era’s Soul Soundtrack"

Elton John: "Why we must close the net"

"Get the dirt on Lollapalooza"

Phish talk at the International Association Of Chiefs Of Police

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