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Published: 2007/08/28

Elsewhere: Big Tour of 2008?...Triumph of the Greybeard Stars…DMB...Tribute Bands…Stevie Wonder…Music in NOLA...Charlie Parker…Matisyahu…Summer of Love Redux…Meat Puppets…Trey ‘Causes A Stir’

Here are links to a few articles of note:

"Can the ‘wisdom of crowds’ predict the big 2008 tour?"

"Break out the Ben-Gay – concert venues are being invaded by graybeard stars and they’re ready to roll"

"King of the road: Dave Matthews Band plays one way: all out"

"If you were a tribute band, who would you be"

"The Wonder Who Is Stevie"

In New Orleans, "Pop Music Bands play on, but not as often"

"Charlie Parker, Uptown and Down"

Matisyahu: "Almost our local boy"=

"Summer of love redux: ’67 EXPERIENCE STILL RESONATES IN S.F.

"After more than a decade down, the real Meat Puppets ride again"

Trey Anastasio "causes a stir" at Breast Cancer Foundation luncheon

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