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Published: 2009/03/06

Elsewhere: Phish…Moogis…George Wein Hopes to Save Newport Fests…Phish…Music Festival Ticket Installment Plans…Claypool…The Bridge…Phish

Here are links to a few articles of note:

"Phish’s Breakup? That Was Then. But Tough Times Call for a Reunion"

"Mike Gordon talks on Phish"

"Finally, Music Industry Innovation"

"Wein Seeks to Regain Control of Newport Festivals"

"Phish bounces back into the scene"

"Phish-mania in Hampton"

"Music Festivals Adopt an Installment Pay Plan"

"Les is more: Bass virtuoso brings his Oddity Faire’ to Tahoe"

"The Bridge hopes its music will span oceans"

"Waiting for liftoff: Hampton and The Mothership braces for the long-awaited Phish reunion"

"Phish has returned but the scene has changed"

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