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The Loop

Published: 2010/10/20
by John Moseman

A Mossery Memory (of Sorts)

We asked our readers to share memories of their moments on stage with Mike Gordon. This response seemed best suited for The Loop…

Dude… it was sick!

First we latched instruments and took a stroll over the old jazz standard “George’s new cat” which slowly fractaled into a syncopated jam take on the first 3-songs from “Piper at the Gates of Dawn” simultaneously. Hard to believe people still haven’t figured out that these songs were meant to be played together at the same time but anyone who hasn’t been down “that road” misunderstands everything anyways (shout out to Mrs. Beesworth!).

After we each soloed until we had blood dripping from our ears, we decided it was time to take it down a notch and did a sweet “Brady Bunch” fade into an all acapella “Flinstones” jam with teases of the theme to “Days of our Lives” and “A-Team”. More than one audience member wet themselves during the ambient transition (yuck!). Just to kick ‘em in the crotch we took a wild swing into “Hell Bent for Leather” with Mike and I taking turns singing “You don’t know what it’s like!!!” while the other plucked his guitar strings with his teeth (Mike using his lips to help pull the larger strings). He is super-burly when he wants to be.

We ended the set with a sublime take on “Proud Mary”, testing the crowd by segueing into “London Bridge” with audience members singing along and those in the know taking the cue to “all fall down” at the end. My dreams are fulfilled and I can now proudly tell my mother that I’ve become a real man… if she ever returns my calls.

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