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Published: 2012/03/16

Yellow Dubmarine

We’re finding ourselves in a Yellow Dubmarine mood today.

Brian Robbins reviewed Abbey Dub this past November and here’s Philip Booth’s take on the album, followed by a few more clips…

With Abbey Dub, Baltimore dub-reggae rockers Yellow Dubmarine roll their own version of the Beatles’ Abbey Road. The opening “Come Together,” one of the most inventive remakes here, gets its kicks from deep-throb bass, falling horns, vocals set on deep-space reverb, and various sound effects, while lighter rocksteady rhythms drive a souful “Oh! Darling” and “I Want You (She’s So Heavy”) benefits from pregnant pauses and guest singer Sara Kryscio. Even more ambitious: a moody, trippy “Sun King,” a mutating “Golden Slumbers” and a “Carry That Weight,” with zig-zagging horns, that’s alternately buoyant and shot with melancholy. While some of the tracks merely come off as spliffed-up versions of the familiar originals, the octet’s high-level musicality and agility result in a real feelgood effort.

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