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Published: 2012/05/02

Jambands Radio Charts: May 2000

Today we look back 12 years to our May 2000 charts.

Albums- editor’s selections

(1) String Cheese Incident- Carnival 99 (last month #1)
(2) moe.- L (last week #4)
(3) John Scofield- Bump (last month #10)
(4) Gov’t Mule- Life Before Insanity (last month #2)
(5) Widespread Panic- Til The Medicine Takes (last month #3)
(6) Soulive- Turn It Out (last month #7)
(7) Jazz Mandolin Project- Xenoblast (new)
(8) ulu- Live At Wetlands (last month #9)
(9) Leftover Salmon- The Nashville Sessions (last month #5)
(10) Medeski Martin & Wood- Tonic (new)
(11) Pizza Tapes- Jerry Garcia, David Grisman, Tony Rice (new)
(12) Sector 9- Interplanetary Escape Vehicle (last month #7)
(13) Portland, Maine EP- The New Deal (last month #21)
(14) Hot Tuna- And Furthurmore (last month #22)
(15) North Mississippi All-Stars- Shake Hands With Shorty (new)
(15) Phish- Hampton Comes Alive (last month #8)
(16) Blueground Undergrass- Live At The Variety Playhouse (last month #11)
(17) Rockin’ Teenage Combo- 6/4 Getaway (last month #20)
(18) Wise Monkey Orchestra- Pathways (last month #15)
(19) Lake Trout- Alone at Last (new)
(20) Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe- Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe (last month #12)
(21) Phil and Friends- Love Will See You Through (return)
(22) Keller Williams- Breathe (last month #13)
(23) Dick’s Picks XVII (new)
(24) Miracle Orchestra- Live (last month #16)
(25) On The Corner With Fuzz- B’Gock! (last month #24)
(26) Deep Banana Blackout- Rowdy Duty (last month #21)
(27) Dr. Dan Matrazzo- Dan on the Moon (new)
(28) Jiggle The Handle- Live at The Stone Coast Brewing Company (last month #17)
(29) Burt Neilson Band- Orange Shag Carpet (last month #28)
(30) Brothers Past- Freak Show (last month #27)

Radio Tracks- compiled from our Jam band radio correspondents

(1) “Heavy Things”- Phish (last month #1)
(2) “Kelpers”- John Scofield (new)
(3) “J.J. Bailey”- Project Logic (new)
(4) “Strange Days”- Acoustic Junction (new)
(5) “Meat Locker”- viperHouse (new)
(6) “Hopscotch Bread”- Mori Stylez (new)
(7) “Black Eyed Pea”- Galactic (new)
(8) “Buster”- moe. (last week #9)
(9) “Bert’s Meatballs”- ulu (last month #7)
(10) “K.C. Jones”- North Mississippi All Stars (last month #5)


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