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Published: 2008/08/25
by Annabel Lukins

Lollapaloozing It

Lollapalooza once again proved itself as a very grown up festival, selling out at 75,000 and welcoming high-class bands and patrons from around the worldall in the heart of downtown Chicago.
Yes, its sorta weird driving our golf carts on the sidewalk while rush hour traffic whizzes by, but its fun, actually. So I took a trip around the site before it started and snapped a couple things that caught my eye. I really like this flag that was hung on all streetlights up and down Grant Park.

I couldnt HELP sing love and marriage, love and marriage every time I passed Buckingham Fountain.

Just so you know what my job is there, I manage all 21 artist liaisons and I manage the artist villageso on Friday, I wasnt really finding time to take photos except this one, what a beautiful sunset along the Chicago skyline.

Saturday I whipped myself into shape when Lupe Fiasco walked into our Artist Relations office. I had to snap one with this cutie.

I almost want to save this story for last since its one of my top Annabel loves taking photos with bands, but alas, it happened Saturday. Lupe was in our trailer and a security officer walks in saying Hey guys, I have Pete Wentzs wallet. Lupe said Man, that Pete! Let me call him. 5 minutes later, Pete Wentz walked into our trailer, grabbed his wallet, turned to me and said, do you know where I can get a drink? Sure, and I escorted him outside only to find Ashley Simpson sitting on a chair all cute and pregnant. I took them both to the artist lounge. They were so grateful that I showed them around. So of course, being me, I said, can I take a photo with you? Of course, you took care of us Annabel! So, this one goes in the top 10.

After that rock star moment, I texted my niece-in-law Tory, who is on her way to Rice University in Texas right about now (on a full scholarship no less!) and told her to meet me at the Bud Light stage for a full kidnapping. I slapped an all access wristband on her and took her on a backstage ride. First we stopped side stage of Broken Social Scene

Next we checked out the Rage Against the Machine compound, I took her on stage for Lupe. Then with a hug and a photo, I took her to the artist lounge and told her I loved her.

Good morning Sundayat that point, I was exhausted from working and really wanted to have fun for a change. I definitely have had the least amount of time for fun working Lolla. But alas, Sunday was KANYE day and we all know how much I love Kanye. I decided to have a little chat with Curtis, his lighting director. Look Curtis, heres the deal, we all screwed up, you did, we did and HE did. The problem was he went public with it. Just scale your set down and well all be fine. He proceeded to tell me that they stripped everything for Lolla and that it would be a breeze. I looked up at him and said Id beat him up if it wasnt. Then we hugged and posed for this photo. I can take this guy, right? Hes just my size.

Sunday afternoon is a great time to snap a photo of a bunch of the ladies that work for me. Here is a great shot of the beauties.

Before doors opened that day (how incredible is that sky), I took a walk with the Rock Doc and his wife into the field. Here, the MySpace stage is behind a creative Lollapalooza structure.

Its boogie time!

I decided to see some music on Sundayprobably one of the first times I had done that at Lolla. First stopKidzapalooza where John Butler and his daughter Banjo were performing. Folks, this was just about tear jerkingit was so sweet. And check out the crowd

After heading back to the artist compound for a while, I golf carted BACK to the Kidz stage only to catch Perry Farrell and Slash holding their own. I have to tell this story because its so damn funny. Perry started to say to a crowd of about 1000 people, half of them children, Kids, I know you understand life, but have you learned about death? (at this point, I thought to myselfWHERE IS THIS GOING). When people die, they go to heaven. (Peoples mouths gaped open). Lets all sing Knockin on Heavens Door. RANDOM intro, great tune. This photo is classic if I do say so myself

Back to the AT&T main stage dressing room where I caught up with my buddy G Love. I have many photos of G and me over the yearsthis one is the best.

Nowlooking at the night crowd during Radiohead and Rage, you knew you were looking at 50,000 or more. But during the day, Girl Talk took the cake. It was completely overwhelming how many people were there. And the stage they were on, Citi, was a street stage meaning the stage was built on a street facing out. I took the stage photo standing on a folding chair behind the kids dancing on stage. I couldnt even SEE the DJ, just the dancers and the crowd in front and on the side.

Took a moment to dance and hug with one of my FAVORITE people in the world, Mr Aron Magner, who was just in town to hang.

Late night Sunday, getting silly with Cee-Lo. I love Gnarls Barkley!!! When I told Cee-Lo I got the band late night pizza, he did a little dance and pulled a mixing the bowl move with his hands.

Well, this was my 3rd year working this festival. I am proud of all that I have accomplished. I LOVE this sign.

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