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Columns > Annabel Lukins - Both Sides of the Rail

Published: 2009/10/22

At Budokan (Or Thereabouts)

The graceful Byodoin Temple, Uji District

The Torii welcoming us to the Fushimi Taisha Shrine. Torii mark the transition from the sacred (the shrine) to the profane (the normal world)

Fushimi Taisha Shrine is undoubtedly the most ornate and largest shrine in Kyoto

We climbed a mountain and traveled 4 km through over 10,000 Torii

Ridiculous journey…

Ah… the spirituality oozes…Ryogin-an is one of the sub-temples of Tofuku-ji. This is the Dragon Garden

We headed back to Toyko on our last day and walked through the Ueno district. These lanterns were placed all throughout the park and illuminated the path.

I truly felt that I had been on a path of illumination the whole time in Japan

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