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Published: 2009/12/26
by Annabel Lukins

Holidaze Revisited

Here are a few of my favorite photo moments:

Brock played a 2-hour killer solo acoustic set by the pool at Breezes

Ah…I am so in love with the New Deal. It’s been 10 years since I first asked if I could be their first USA street teamer (FYI, they are from Canada) at Wetlands in NYC. And since then, our friendship and professional relationship has grown into a lifelong thing.

We celebrated the first night of Hanukah with menorah lighting, dradle spinning and my alter-ego Hanukah Holly was in full force.

Sammy Altman came to Holidaze as a special guest. He didn’t play with the Biscuits….it wasn’t even like that. He just came to enjoy himself. We loved having him around.

Eliot Lipp brought the Pnuma boys with him. Here, Lane, Brownie and I were hanging by the bar just enjoying life.

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