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Published: 2004/06/28
by Dan Alford

Acoustic Jams

Quick Picks From the Disc Changer:
Phish, 8/3/03, Disc 3- YEM and 46 Days
Ratdog 7/10/02, Disc 1- Monster WRS to close the first set
SKB 3/27/03, Disc 1- A huge show from BB King’s; Hillbillies and Tongue and Groove
New Monsoon 3/12/04, Disc 2- Jam on top of jam on top of jam
AGP Wicked Live 2- Still kicks ass
Discman: Phish, Slip, Stitch and Pass- This is the end…
GD 10/16/81 Amsterdam
McNally puts great weight on this show in his history, crediting it with a rebirth of experimentation and free form playing, and with bust outs of Lovelight and Gloria in the second set, it certainly earns that place. But don’t forget the acoustic set. Setlist wise, as might be expected, it’s not much different from other early 80’s offerings, but the playing is ferocious. In particular, the Birdsong has some of the most clearly stated interactions between Bob and Jerry. It is rich, lush and oh so beautiful.
Bob, Rob and Jerry 12/4/88 Oakland, CA
This is a very short 4 song set from the Bridge School Benefit in 88. "No introductions necessary," is the lead in from host Neil Young, who sits in on the opening Wang Dang Doodle. The performance here is outrageous- a crazed romp. Easily the most enthusiastic acoustic work from Bob and Jerry since 5/2/70. The Throwing Stones and FOTD both sizzle. Simply put this is great stuff, and due to the relative obscurity of the line-up, it is a widely unknown set.
Bob and Rob 5/10/92 Jerry Brown Benefit
This is a nice little Bob and Rob show from right when Scaring the Children (and you thought Ratdog was a bad name!) had started to pick up steam and become a regular sight on the circuit. Take Me to the River is especially nice, as is the coupling of The Winners > Easy to Slip. There is also a nice Victim, which often comes off as a more likeable tune when done on acoustic, and a rare solo version of The Weight. A very comfy summer day listen.
Bob and Jorma 3/8/88 NYC
Only the very end of this set exists, but it’s great fun. Bob is particularly wasted and chatty, even arousing concern from Jorma. The set includes a number of crossover tunes, those that are in both Jorma and Bob’s repertoires, such as Death Don’t and K.C. Moan. The Walkin’ Blues is an interesting balance of a GD and a Hot Tuna version, and Blackbird, classically, staggers into existence. The duo encores with a rowdy Any Way You Want Me to Go, granting a fan’s request. It’s just as rough and drunk as you could ask for from a late night Jorma gig.
SKB, 3-23-03 Fayetteville, AR
This great acoustic Kimock show is most noteworthy for the expansiveness of the music played. While most bands do an acoustic show and play shorter, concise versions of their material, SKB actually does the exact opposite. Well versed in long form interpretations, they nonetheless push themselves beyond their own borders. In the first set, Arf, She Cried goes on endlessly, admittedly a little too long, but the second set features a 23 minute Bronx Experiment that just shines, and a 25 minute 5 B4 Funk. There are also a couple of shorter tunes, including a rare Cowboy and a unique Can’t Find My Way Home. A very fun, playful show worth checking out.
Warren Haynes, 7-5-02 Gathering of the Vibes
At the 2002 Gathering of the Vibes, Warren Haynes was everywhere- big deal right? Warren is always everywhere sitting in with everyone. In this case, however, literally buried in the center of the four day festival, Warren’s acoustic set, the single longest acoustic set that I’m aware of, allowed the crossover king to settle in on his own terms and deliver a devastating seventy minutes of soul power. This show boasts excellent versions of One and Alison, a smoking Hurts Me Too and powerhouse Real Thing opener. If you love Warren, you probably already have this widely circulated recording; if you wonder why everyone else loves Warren, use this disc to find out.

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