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Published: 2002/12/23
by Dean Budnick


The pace really is starting to pick up around here with New Year’s Eve and the NYE runs on the horizon. To that end I want to remind you that we have our New Year’s Eve listings up on the site, be sure to check them out, they are listed both by band and by state.
Of course Jan 1 puts us in the frame of mind for Year In Review pieces. We have two up on the site right now, one looks at our news stories and a second examines our features. Next month we’ll have more including our year-end charts and top live shows of the year. I hope you’ll contribute to the latter, as we’re asking our readers to send in essays. if we run yours you’ll receive a free one year subscription to Relix.
What else is new? Well the 250 will debut shortly after the new year, an interesting, interactive to track what’s happening out there. Stay tuned for that.
In addition a version of the Jammy Awards is now running on HD.Net. If you have a HD-enabled set and your cable or satellite provider offers HDNet then you’ll have an opportunity to check out 90 minutes of musical highlights from the show with some commentary from me (it’s worth it not for my yapping but rather for everything else going on in the background while I squawk, so check it out).
Okay, that’s all for now. Of course please be sure to spend some time with our Columns, Departments and CD Reviews. Oh yes, and a have fine NYE, wherever you may be…
later days and peace,

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