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Published: 2007/02/22
by Dean Budnick

The Brothers Greenhaus

I’m almost positive that I met Dan first. If not face to face, then certainly vie email. If memory serves (and admittedly sometimes it serves into the net) I believe I began corresponding with him around the time of the first Jammys, although it may have been a bit earlier.

Some time afterwards, I started noticing that our CD Review editor, Mr. Jesse Jarnow, had enlisted a writer with that same last name for his steady reviewing crew. At that time Mike was still a college student at Skidmore, writing for his college newspaper while expanding his ambit.

Over the years they have both stepped up their contributions to the site. Mike is now our Senior Editor (and partner in Daily News among many other endeavors) while Dan signed on as a columnist in mid-2005.

Okay, and even if admittedly they aren’t quite siblings (although they do suspect they are cousins), they share similar affinities, in particular a deep appreciation for Phish. Back in the day, Mike would scour the Skidmore News archives for Phish content, an effort which yielded an early interview with Mike Gordon that evinced the bass player’s fascination for buckle-less belts if not quite beltless bucklers (a discovery that haunted Mike for some timebut perhaps that is for another day).

Anyhow, this month they draw on their perspectives to weigh in on Trey Anastasio. Mike geeks out a bit and then writes about Trey’s recent appearance at the 92nd Street Y. Dan takes on a bit more serious tone, in writing about addiction. While you may not altogether agree with what either of them has to say, I appreciate their sincerity and purity of intent as they engage Trey and his troubles (and if you have any thoughts on these pieces or the situation that inspired them please send an email my way-

At any rate in the grand tradition of the Blues Brothers, Flying Karamazov Brothers, Cary Brothers, Dr. Joyce Brothers or any brothers who aren’t quite brothers (I’m not quite prepared to invoke the threadbare “brothers from another mother”) we offer you double the Greenhaus yet again.

Later days and peace,

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