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Published: 2009/01/30
by Dean Budnick

11 Random Things About

While I am not a Facebook denizen, my wife maintains an irregularly-viewed account. In the spirit of that site's current craze (albeit in an abridged manner), I'm here to offer 10 random things about…

1. Back when we started, we had our own monthly comic strip, the sublimely crappy Mikey, written (and I’m sorry to say drawn) by myself.

2. For some period of time back in the beginning, Wetlands Preserve served as our mailing hub for sending out CDs to the review staff.

3. In one instance we had an entire week of news disappear, only to have it surface a few weeks later, clinging to the past.

4. On more occasions than you might expect, musicians who in other contexts have disavowed all knowledge of have emailed us with minor corrections about news items that have referenced them.

5. On more occasions that I certainly expected when we started this site in 1998, musicians have called me to offer praise and or thoughtful suggestions on how to improve this site.

6. The first time I ever saw anyone reference MySpace, it was our own early adopter, Mr. Mike Greenhaus.

7. There was a time about a decade ago before we launched when it was not out of the realm of possibility that we would call this site or

8. I have a collection of Jammy Awards from over the years, including one from Year One, a Jammys bowl designated for Road Tripper of the Year, to honor a fan who really lived the life traveling from coast to coast and back (and forth) in support of good music. We were going to surprise a particular someone with this award but alas, he just couldn’t make the trip up to Irving Plaza for the first Jammys, so we never gave it out and then we let the idea go.

9. On the first tour, I goaded the Living Daylights’ Arne Livingston into trading one of his band T-shirts for a Tour T-Shirt. I later apologized, having realized that touring bands have a rough enough time as it is, without folks poaching their T-shirts, as this swag sometimes represents their bread and butter (quite literally). Let this be a charge to those of you who are regularly guest-listed. Kick down on occasion and purchase some swag- if you don’t want it, hand it off to some hyper new fan.

10. In a given month, people will examine more than 6000 individual articles on the site and when I’m really procrastinating, I’ll pick a random number- say 546- and read any article that exactly 546 folks accessed from the archives.

11. I have described imminent site redesigns in my editorials more times than we ultimately have implemented them (but I kid you not, stay tuned, we're long overdue and well in motion…)

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