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Published: 2007/08/14
by Evan Winiker

The Simpsons Movie

Over the past 18 years, the face of television has changed numerous times. Shows come and go, some hit it big while others flounder and fizzle away. The one constant has not been a show with a megastar or a reality show about the next big celebrity, it’s been a cartoon about a dysfunctional family and the weird world around them. At 18 years, The Simpsons is the longest running sitcom of all time, and its viewers waited almost two decades for this summers big event.
Thankfully Matt Groening and Co. do not disappoint. If you’re a big Simpsons fan like me, you’ve noticed that the writing has changed drastically in the last few years. After 18 seasons the writers were finding it tough to come up with new ideas and storylines, also the shows that they influenced, such as the Family Guy, were evolving and using current news for material (something The Simpsons attempted but often executed poorly). The Simpsons Movie was not something that could wait. Almost like that legendary athlete who fades away onto the bench, the ratings were down and something needed to be done.
At 87 minutes, The Simpsons Movie is basically an extended episode that is both hilarious and simple. All of the classic characters are brought into play as Springfields’ pollution level has gone through the roof, causing the government to step in and enclose the city in a glass dome. The one man to blame is of course Homer Simpson who is chased out of the city (with family in tow), and forced to find a new home. Though Homer is to blame for the citys problem, he in the end is forced to come back and save Springfield (as well as his marriage).
I had really high hopes for this film and I’m here to say that it met them. The critics lauded it and Rotten tomatoes gave it an 84% viewer rating, which is a pretty accurate score for the movie. Entertaining and fun, this is a film that the whole family will enjoy, and remember to stay till the end to hear Maggies first words!

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