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Published: 2008/10/01
by Randy Ray

Once upon a time, the book said, we lived in a dream

Peaches En Randalia #32
Once upon a time, the book said, we lived in a dream
Part I
In many ways the break has been a great thing. – The Timer, ZZYZX, 10/1/08
I have to agree with David Steinberg. Distance not only makes the heart grow stronger, it can heal old wounds, give pause for silent reflection, and allow time for personal growth. I have completely transformed my life in a positive way over the last four years, and I am very happy to see the band comeback. The break was necessary, critical, and a period of time to get one’s house in order on many levels.
The Phish legend dates back to the early 1980s and, in many ways, begins with the proverbial Once upon a time opening narrative that colors so many landmark tales. The wonderful aspect of this particularly unique story, crafted by four gifted lads from Vermont, is that it was shared with thousands of others, who found their own lives included within the pages of the story, turning myth to reality, fiction into fact, and honing a bond that continues to this day. Old and new fans alike, stayed up past the dawn to catch a glimpse of that film showing an artist painting the news we all pined for
And so, I give to you, this note of cheers on the wonderful news that Phish will return to the Mothership, Hampton Coliseum, in Virginia in March to play three nights for the legions of followers who continued to write their own formidable, personal tales to be interwoven into the Great Phish Story for the Ages. I am an old fan, like David; but, unlike the Timer, I became far more well-known during the second hiatus amongst the media and readers, and I think thats appropriate in a different way. It takes many folks to craft the story of why phans are so critical to the entire scope of the Phab Phour Phistory, and my tale of loss and redemption is yet another page in the great book that is PHISH.
Once upon a time, there was a band, and they slowly accumulated a following. Lets hear your tales of yesteryear, and what youve been up to over the last four years, too. After all, were all in this together because we love to take a (Phish) bath!
Part II
Go ask Alice
I think shell know – White Rabbit, Jefferson Airplane
I never compare myself with another writer as I am a novelist who is fortunate to write about something I love (music), so I am getting that out of the way first. However, I do share the same creative process barriers with other writers. For example, there is a fine line between souring your story by saying Been there, done that, and offering one’s point of view about a series of events. The proper thing to do is detail a happening, steer clear of jaded perspectives, and hope to find something fresh within the experience.
I used to overdose on how I felt about something, and I would want to convey the TOTAL picture to the reader, using a very fascist narrative technique that did not give the page the life it needed so one can form an objective opinion. Readers just read the ravings of a mad man. NEW fans, unlike OLD me, may not have experienced much great live music. Younger folks need an open book to write on, not the Happy Happy Joy Joy of You had to be there, man! It was AWESOME!, or potentially worse, cloudy memories written by an over-toured veteran tossed together with a jaded, weary tone.

I have to remember that. _We Vets_you and me, manALL have to remember thathow to convey the story, remain solid and real and true and humorous with our own point of view without appearing too cynical. Dean Budnick, our site editor, has always been great with that in his own workit is part of his DNA, forms his character, and his unique artistic foundation. After all, he is to BLAME for this ENTIRE Jamband Scene, and we are merely actors on His stage. I kid. I kid. David Steinberg is also quite good at talking about something where anyone from anywhere can relate to the event.
I just hope the rest of us can learn to heed that ability to stand above a subject without looking too down upon it with our own experiential feelingsHappy Joyous, or not.
- Randy Ray stores his work, and numerous Phish camp interviews at, which originally appeared on, with all credit to site editor, Dean Budnick.

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