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Published: 2002/10/23 2002 Fan Web Site Jammy Award Winner took home the Jammy as this year’s favorite Fan Web site. Here are some words from the folks followed by the text of the band’s acceptance speech:
It is a great honor to be among the Jammys award recipients this year! was created early in 1999 to provide a place in cyberspace for
pholks to come together and share in the great cosmic musical adventure that
Phil Lesh and his many Phriends have championed in the
post-Grateful Dead era. One of the things we at 2012 Productions have
strived for with, is to help foster an open, creative, and
compelling community in which anyone can enjoy and share this music. It has
been an amazing ride to watch this community evolve along with the entire
jamband ‘eco-system’ which has grown to unprecedented heights over the past 4
years. THANKS TO EVERYONE for helping make the JAMMYS 2002 – FAN
Hats off to Relix Magazine,, Dean Budnick and Peter Shapiro for
creating the outlet in which to honor the music, the musicians and the
community we have all become so much a part of. Both the Jammys 2002 Awards
celebration and the after party made for a spectacular night packed with
intriguing performances, surprise guests, and adventuresome collaborations.
It was indeed full of the magic and excitement that so characterizes what
makes a jam a jam.
As the song goes …..
‘...Celebration – in full sweet swing
Of everyone and everything
That causes hopes and dreams to rise
Bringing love light to your eyes
Bringing laughter to your heart
Celebration, let it start…’ – Robert Hunter
The Speech
On behalf of Bret Heisler, Len Tafro, Jennifer DeVincenzo, Kristen Schneeloch, and Robert Lucente, we are extremely honored and surprised to be accepting this award. First and foremost wed like to thank the Phil Lesh & Friends and Jam Fan communities, and especially the PHANS – the ZONERS for making a frequent visit in cyberspace and your favorite jamband website of the year. It’s not only the site itself, but also the community that has made such a grAte place to visit!
Wed like to thank, Relix and the Jammys for organizing and hosting this incredible music celebration and for bringing the whole jam community together. Of course, big thanks to the folks who nominated us for this award.
Wed like to give a BIG PHAT PHILZONE THANKS to Mr. Phil Lesh!... and ALL the Phriends for making the music that was the impetus for And thanks to everyone at Cygnus Productions and the Unbroken Chain Foundation. ‘Inspiration move me brightly!’
Wed also like to thank some invaluable contributors to the Zone:
Paul Lucente
Ron Lancia
Mrs. D.
Andy Gimigliano and
TaperRob and all the tapers who have so graciously stoked the SOUNDZONE
Peter and and
Timmy Paulman
Booyabase Matt
Alex Allen
JC Juanis
Jodi S.
Johnathan Singer @
Leda & Ken from Terrapinpresents
Masato Kato
Mike at GDLive, Todd at Gamehendge and all the other kind mirror sites
All the musicians whom have lent their time for exclusive interviews with us.
And especially, all the fans that have made contributions to the site since our inception.
Wed also like to thank our family and close friends for all of their encouragement and support while we fed the obsession that is! Wed also like to thank the other fan site nominees for their truly excellent sites and contributions to the community.
Thanks to all the bands and artists out there for making the music we all love and to the Grateful Dead for paving the Golden Road for the entire jam scene.

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