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Published: 2004/09/30

Norman Sands Photo Site

This month we feature the Norman Sands Photo Site. And here’s Norman…
In 1987 I went to my first Grateful Dead show in Alpine Valley. I did not make it in but it changed my life forever in many ways. From going to Grateful Dead shows over the years I think it has taught me to read more and be a nicer, kinder, more loving person. When Jerry Garcia Died I was just starting to see shows all around the USA, But only started to take photos but mostly of me and my friends having fun in the parking lot.

I feel I owe my Photography skills, I have learned over the years to Bob Weir. Who has always let me bring my camera into his shows. By shooting him and trying to capture the energy he brings, it has taught me to always be ready, fast, courteous and to have fun. Basically I have been learning on the go while having a blast. I feel Lucky to have Watched The Other Ones and RatDog through the years. I have been able to see and capture The Other Ones through Steve Kimock, Mark Karan, Alphonso Johnson, Bruce Hornsby, Jeff Chementi, Rob Barraco, Jimmy Herring and Warren Haynes. RatDog has evolved from Bob Weir, Rob Wasserman, Jay Lane, Mathew Kelly, Johnny Johnson, Dave Ellis, Jeff Chementi, Mark Karan, Kenny Brooks, Robin Sylvester. I started making my website to have a place to share my treasured experiences with others. Not having any computer training this was a learning experience also. I had to learn everything, photography, photo editing, website design all through trail and error. I am still learning having made many errors, but when you make one thing good creatively happen it makes it all worth wild. Now I try to hit Every RatDog show I can possibly make and hit some festivals and see some of the top Bands on the Scene. You may see me at a show Giving Photos and Music away spreading the love. My Website Has 100+ photo pages with over 4000 photos. Anyone that wants to come by my Website and checkout my cdr list I will Send Shows to anyone that asks for free. I have them all in Computer Format. 2-160 gigabyte drives 1-200 gigabyte drive of music and adding more drives and shows as we speak. Hope to hear from you!

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