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Published: 2005/05/08

This month, we’re featuring Here’s Nick Bengivengo…
How many of us have tried to sneak cameras into shows, hoping to grab a
visual souvenir? That’s what the disposable was made for, right? Sneak it
in, grab a couple shots, keep some memories… Problem is, when did a shot
taken with a flash on a cheap throwaway camera at a show ever come out?
Hardly ever…those beautiful lights, forget ‘em. Mostly you’d be lucky to
make out the band members. And how about shots taken by the press and the
professional photographers…Those shots seem imprisoned to either extreme
close-ups taken from directly in front of the rail or maybe some full band
shots from the back of the venue. No photographer it seems wants to bring
their expensive equipment into tenth row where all the kids are throwing
down and attempt to grab the shots that really matter…
Enter the digital camera…Fits in your pocket and no flash needed. Light
compensation is built right in. The memory cards hold tons of pics so it’s
no problem if you take 300 shots and 200 are blurry, because you didn’t
waste any money on them, just hit delete. And those other 100, well they
look mighty fine. And 3 or 4 of those…let’s just say the photo gods hand
out some pretty epic shots once in awhile, as long as you put yourself in
between the lens and the moment and have the guts to keep on snapping. I’ve
kept snapping for a couple of years now, and the results have only continued
to improve with practice. Since it’s never been an intention to sell my
pictures or start a professional career in any way, I’m happy to put up the
best of my photos for all to see and download as screensavers and prints,
free of charge. The way I see it, the more I share the work, the more luck
is thrown my way from the photo heavens.
It is my hope that this site will inspire others to grab their own cameras
and capture their own unique perspectives in vivid detail to provide even
more images for the jamband world to enjoy. The cameras out there are only
getting smaller, cheaper and better, so I’d expect some amazing photographs
in the years to come, especially if the light shows keep improving.
By the way, I never let photography take over my enjoyment of the show. My
camera is in my back pocket most of the time while I listen intently, dance
happily, and share the vibe with my friends. It’s only as the peak moments
of light and sound present themselves that I reach for the camera and spend
a few seconds trying to capture what will soon be faded from view, replaced
by yet another spectacular moment…
Enjoy the shots and even more enjoy the memories!

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