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Published: 2008/07/22

The Weight

Our latest Fan Site of the Month is The Weight. The site covers ‘all kinds of music and pop culture, with the backbone being our love for Phish, but you are just as likely to read our thoughts on the Arctic Monkeys, Warren Zevon, or The Band.’ Here is a bit more on the site from the founders of The Weight…
The Weight was born on a winter’s day in January 2007 as a way for three friends, specifically two brothers and their good buddy, to share links and videos with each other in a more creative way than simply emailing them back and forth. Having been friends for years and sharing an equal passion for music, we were constantly trying to turn each other on to the songs and bands that we’d discovered in our daily quest for the next tune that resonates with us. The fact that others could stumble upon our exchanges was hardly considered.
After a few weeks of continuing to write for each other, we posted a brief review of Anthony DeCurtis’ on-stage interview with Trey Anastasio (shortly after his arrest) and our link was discovered and posted by the 92nd Street Y, the venue for the interview. It was at this point that we realized an audience was possible.
Over these 18 months, amidst concert reviews of shows as far ranging as Outformation in DC, Springsteen at the Garden, and Crowded House in Sydney, and countless YouTube videos, article links, ramblings and rants, we’ve had a blast creating content that demonstrates why we love music so much.
Throughout the years, we’ve attended six Bonnaroo festivals, a Further Fest, an All Good, and an Asheville Music Jamboree. We’ve seen shows at Red Rocks, The Gorge, Shoreline, Tipitinas, and Earl’s Court. And we’ve upgraded our bootleg collections from Maxell XLIIs to CD-Rs to iPhones.
There is no specific theme for our website. We don’t focus solely on hipster bands or hippie bands. We don’t care if a song was released thirty minutes ago or thirty years ago. We have learned though, that if the story involves Trey, it’s guaranteed to generate a bit of traffic. But really, it’s all fair game to us.
We’ve met some great people along the way via our site and have discovered a community of like-minded websites and blogs who share our passion for wanting to turn people on to great music. If you’re reading this, you should know who you are.
We’re going to keep on listening to music, attending shows, and writing about it on The Weight. We hope you enjoy what you read, that you’ll want to check in every now and again, and that we’ll be able to bring a few companions on this ride.

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