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Wetlands, Preserved: 12 Years, 12 Stories, One Hyperlink…

{Editorial Note: The 11 articles that follow all focus on the magic and majesty of that oh-so-recently-departed club, Wetlands Preserve. I'm sure you'll agree that Jesse Jarnow did some extraordinary work in putting this together so I wanted to offer all of these to you on the main page for a few days. They will move to their own special "Wetlands Insert" section next week (much like our moe. insert). Enjoy! (Oh yes, and to complete your collection please pick up the Dec/Jan issue of Relix for an essay that I wrote on the club as well…)]

Once Upon A Time by Jesse Jarnow

Our Dance With The Earth (Part I, 1987-1994) by Jesse Jarnow

Wet Wax by Jesse Jarnow

Oblique Strategies by Carol Wade

Of Bumblee Bees and Sunflowers (Part II: 1994-1998) by Jesse Jarnow

moe. betta Boogie by Richard Gehr

Lighting Up The Wetlands by Matt Iarrobino

The Seventh-and-a-half Floor (1998-2001) by Jesse Jarnow

The Wetland-ed Gentry by Bill Stites

After Hours by Jesse Jarnow

Interviewee Biographies by Jesse Jarnow

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