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Published: 2004/06/29
by Greg Homolka

Horning’s by Homolka:A Photo Essay on String Cheese Incident’s Whole In One Festival

String Cheese Incident, Horning’s Hideout – North Plains, Oregon, June 17-20, 2004

It’s said that after the Buddha achieved enlightenment, he had a hard time
explaining it, because it is beyond the realm of human concepts, and there
really are no words that can describe it.

Although I didn’t see anyone melt into light at the Sting Cheese Incident’s
Whole In One Festival, I think the overall vibe was something that needed to
be directly experienced to be fully understood.

The Whole In One festival wasn’t simply a 4-night concert with a catchy name
and plywood props to serve as eye candy. It was a carefully organized
rendezvous of like minds where audience members were encouraged to become
involved with the production of many of the weekend’s events. Anyone who so
desired could have their body and mind stimulated at any time throughout the
day with yoga, meditation, activism workshops, universal geometry
presentations, and panel discussions including "The Politics of Altering

The expanding of the heart and mind that these daytime activities inspired
was then emblazoned on our collective being with music (terrific music) from
the likes of Xavier Rudd, Michael Franti and Spearhead, STS9, Zilla, Hamsa
Lila, DJ Harry and Keller Williams. Not to mention a whole heaping helping
of solid Sting Cheese.

By Sunday, as the effects of the Whole In One Festival seemed to lighten
everyone’s load, I noticed that communication often took the simple forms of
laughter and tears, knowing smiles and lots and lots of hugs, which
certainly seemed appropriate. After all, what really was there to be said?

These photographs represent just a few moments of many thousands that, when
combined, made for a truly magical weekend.

Michael Kang

Fire dancers

Xavier Rudd

Kyle Hollingsworth

Scott Law Sits in With String Cheese

Stilt Walkers

Michael Franti

Keith Moseley and Bill Nershi

Keller Williams

Xavier Rudd joins SCI


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Sarah July 14, 2012, 02:46:29

Gordon, Ohh, I must bite on this one! OK, IMHO, John Mayer is sort of like Tillamook cheddar OK if you’re in the car. For me, the Pixies would be like a rlealy good Comte or a Robiola. So there is my calibration. Now I like Green Day for what they are, but the best I would give them would be only a bit better than the Tillamook, maybe like a 3 year-old Widmer or some fresh curd? OK, now what band would go with with Red Hawk, and what cheese would you put with Motorhead?Cheers!

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