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Published: 2005/08/09
by Staff

Bound To Cover A Little More Ground: Our Interviews With the Grateful Dead

Ever since launched on September 15, 1998 we've had the good fortune to interview the members of the Grateful Dead on numerous occasions. This seemed a fine a time as any to collect and offer up hyperlinks so you can check out some of these pieces at your leisure…

"Two Heads of Hydra" (March 2005) by John Patrick Gatta

"Bob Weir: Storyteller and Gizmo Freak" (July 2004) by Dean Budnick

"Bill Kreutzmann on Red Rocks, 7/6-8"

"Mickey Hart: A Philosophy and Technique Rolled In (September 2002)" by John Patrick Gatta

"Phil Lesh and the Alchemy of a Quintet" (November 2001) by Dean Budnick

"Getting to the Roots of the Roots: Mickey Hart’s Bembe Orisha" (October 2001) by Dean Budnick

"Strange Houses – Bob Weir Drops Science" (March 2001) by Jesse Jarnow

"The Shaman and the Group Mind: A Psychic Digression With Mickey Hart (December 2000) by DNA

"Chasing the Music Where It Wants To Go: Bob Weir’s Evening Moods" (October 2000) by Jeff Waful

"Bruce Hornsby: From Hitmaker To Noisemaker" (September 2000) by Dean Budnick

"‘We’ve Got Our Best People On It:’ Bob Weir Directs Traffic with the Other Ones" (August 2000) by Dean Budnick

"Mickey Hart Band: {Trance}Portation For The New Tour" (April 2000) by David Saslavsky

"Phil Lesh: Wonderful and Beautiful" (November 1999) by Bob Makin

"Mickey Hart Transforms Spirit Into Sound" (November 1999) by Dean Budnick

"Phil Lesh on the Unbroken Chain Foundation and His New Phriends"(May 1999) by David Sasvlasky

"Just a Guy Who Plays Drums: An Interview with Bill Kreutzmann (March 1999)by Sarah Bruner

You also may wish to check out…

"Biographer, Publicist, Biographer: Dennis McNally’s Long Strange Trip" (August 2002) by Dean Budnick

Between the Dark and LIght: Additional Images

"Dick Latvala – He Was a Friend of Mine" (August 1999) by John Dwork

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