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Published: 2013/07/22
by Sam D'Arcangelo

Three Faces of String Cheese

Fantastic. Is there any other interesting stuff can we expect from Hulaween?

Nershi: There is a pregnant panda bear that we’re trying to get on stage to give birth as we play our set.

Hollingsworth: Electrifying.

Hann: It’s all timing.

Nershi: We’ll have some professionals there that can induce labor.

Hann: Somewhat like Midwives but they’re for bears. They’re for pandas.

Nershi: So that’s in the fall, and we’re gonna figure out what the theme is gonna be. It’s yet to be announced. But we’re hoping that everybody will come there ready to interact and bring all their crazy clothing and energy. And we’ll let ‘em know what the theme is. You know, if it’s gonna be like a Noah’s Ark thing where couples dress up as certain animals…

Hann: (Laughs) I think we should definitely go for, at least, a Halloween type of vibe. Something with like costumes.

Nershi: Yeah, costumes. Yeah.

Hollingsworth: So no. To answer your question, we haven’t thought about it yet.

Hann: (laughing) I like Noah’s Ark though. That’s a badass theme. Hell yeahh!

Keith also mentioned in that recent Jambands interview that you guys have a big fall planned. How big are we talking here?

Hollingsworth: Oh dear.

Hann: Small? (laughing)

Nershi: Well… we don’t know now. There’s a lot of things that are focused around when the release of the album will be. And now we’re doing a little rethinking of that and we’re not sure if it’s going to be a fall thing or if it might be the beginning of 2014 where we tour a little more at that point.

Hollingsworth: So essentially, we’re going to tour a little more so around the album release. But right now we’re in flux about when the album’s going to be released. So the tour will be based around that.

Keith also mentioned that this might end up being the last year of Horning’s Hideout and..

Hann: Damn it, Keith! What is that guy doing to us over there? Keith, you’re killing us! (Laughs).

Nershi: We love Horning’s Hideout. It would be very sad if this was the last Horning’s Hideout this year. We hope it isn’t.

So Interlocken is shaping up to be one of the most stacked jam band lineups in years and you guys will be playing a huge part in it. We already know about the Zac Brown Incident…

Nershi: Woo!

But what else do we have in store?

Nershi: The Zac Brown Incident! What else do you need?

Hollingsworth: We’re super excited, super pumped. I just found out the lineup. It seems pretty over the top.

Nershi: Is it?

Hollingsworth: Yeah. It’s like Furthur and Widespread, right?


Hollingsworth: And us.

Nershi: Oh wow.

Two nights of Widespread, two nights of Black Crowes, Tedeschi Trucks, Gov’t Mule…

Hann: Oh my God!

Warren Haynes Band, Punch Brothers, Keller and The Keels…

Nershi: Holy Moly!

Hollingsworth: Yeah We’re super excited about the possibilities there too as far as sit-ins and collaborations.

Nershi: Yes!

Hollingsworth: I think it’s going to be a really fun festival.

Nershi: Wow. That’s huge.

Kyle: Zac Brown Incident is not going to be your only incident. I can allude to—we’re working on some other incidents with other musicians as well.

Well Keller will be there, so…

Hollingsworth: Yeah but as a bigger theme for other shows throughout the year.

Nershi: I met Zac Brown at Merlefest, maybe three years ago. Seems like a very cool guy and we’re excited to work with him and we’re really psyched that he’s had the amount of success that he has cause he seems like a regular guy. He’s not like one of those unattainable, country legend kind of people. He’s down to earth, he’s a great musician and that’s gonna be a lot of fun.

Hann: Yeah I love that guy’s story too. It’s so homegrown. It’s like him and his dad doing this restaurant, eventually buying a tour bus. Just one show at a time and building their fans, similar to what String Cheese has done in this scene. So the story that goes along with Zac and String Cheese’s story, it feels like a really good fit.

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