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Published: 2002/09/27

The Deadline Looms for Submitting Your Jammys Lifetime Achievement Award Speech

We would like to involve one of you in our presentation of the Lifetime Achievement Award to the Grateful Dead. So, we will select one person to make a three minute speech at the Jammy Awards to Bob Weir and the Dead. The speech should convey the significance of the band and its music.
The spirit of improvisation inherent in the Jammys led us to hold off until now, but the show loomsSo you have less than a week to write a speech and submit it. Here are the rules
1.Write a speech that will not exceed three minutes in speaking length. Please rehearse it to ensure that it doesnt exceed the time limit before you submit your final effort.
2. Send it to us at You have until Saturday at noon Pacific time to do so.
3. Along with your entry please submit a few sentence bio on yourself. Be sure to include your full name and where youre from as well.
4. We will read all of the entries and select one individual to join us on stage on Wednesday October 2 at Roseland. Notification will follow on Monday Sep 30 and if you win you must be prepared to make it to NYC two days later for the Jammys.

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